Cyrus, Elaheh and Bijan Patient Updates

We’re pleased to report that our precious patients who have received medical care from the skilled surgeons here in Minnesota are doing well. Here’s a brief update about three of them.


Cyrus in hospital for heart surgery Our dear Cyrus recently returned to Minnesota for another repair to his heart. Due to the narrowing of one of his blood vessels after his initial surgery, he had blood leaking into his abdomen. Because of the complexity of the first heart surgery, Cyrus needed to come back to Minnesota – to the doctors who performed the first operation.

This time Dr. Vezmar of The Children’s Heart Clinic – another of Minnesota’s brilliant heart surgeons and an associate of the esteemed Dr. Overman – put a stent into the narrowing blood vessel so that it would stay open enough to prevent the blood from leaking out. Cyrus has responded well to this procedure, and the doctors are monitoring him and his response to the medication he is taking. If all continues to go well, he’ll soon be able to return home.

Elaheh standing on with her prosthesis


Our beautiful Elaheh has been fitted with a prosthesis, and Dr. O’Neill is monitoring her as she adjusts to using it. There has been some trouble with wound infections post-surgery, which makes her skin tender under the prosthesis. Once her skin becomes tougher, her prosthesis will become easier to wear.  She has to now practice, practice, practice.  She is almost done and will be discharged very soon.


Bijan and his nurse at Children's HospitalWhen our precious Bijan came to Minnesota the first time, he was just a baby, born with a critical heart defect. Doctors Cebalka, Overman and the late Dr. Helseth of the Children’s Heart Clinic were able to save his life, but we knew that he would need another surgery someday, since he would outgrow the first repair they made. What we didn’t know is that he would show no symptoms that his heart was, once again, in danger of failing.

Thanks to the work of volunteers at the Foundation – and to the prayers of many supporters – Bijan made it to us in time, and has now had successful surgery once again to save his life, this time performed by the incomparable Drs. Overman and Gremmels. If he continues to do as well as we expect, he too will be able to return home soon.

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