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FCI asks for your prayers for Cyrus! Notifies you of changes.
This has been a week we will remember forever sadly. Our volunteers, friends and doctors and nurses have been doing all they can to help and provide care and comfort to Cyrus as his body fails him. We have known and loved him most of his precious life and today hope for the best as his mother and father go through what no mother or father should endure.
We have received word Princess Yasmine has stepped down as a board member to pursue other interests. We thank her for her interest in our charity the past 23 years, particularly the early years, when her enthusiasm and hard work and her circle of young, beautiful friends helped raised the funds needed to help many children….We understand her decision, support her choice, appreciate her past help, and wish her and her family the very best in all their future endeavors and interests, particularly their charitable work.
Please keep Cyrus and his mother and father in your thoughts in these unbearable days. Please take a few minutes to say a prayer of strength for the young volunteers of FCI dealing with this awful situation so they can be strong for Cyrus. Please pray for the doctors and nurses and all the caregivers at Minneapolis Children’s who have been nothing short of heroic these past dark few weeks.
We especially acknowledge the devotion of our volunteer nurse Jaleh Meshkati (and the team that supports her), who put her life on hold and came here to look after Cyrus.
Finally please join us in thanking dear Yasmine and wishing her the very best. We will update you on Cyrus’ status as soon as we know more.
Thank you again to all who have been there for Cyrus and all the Cyrus’ of Iran. We are sorry all fairy tales do not have happy endings. At least it appears the story of this Cyrus may not…but we tried everything with all our heart, all our might, all our funds…..

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