Bahman started a pattern of severe headaches at about age 7 and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As the tumor grew and shunts failed, Bahman’s childhood transitioned into a life of severe head pain, leading to comas and hospitalizations. After months of the family watching their child slip away from them, his family contacted FCI.

A nationally recognized Twin Cities neurosurgeon and FCI physician, Dr. Mahmoud Nagib, reviewed Bahman’s medical records. He determined the likelihood that a treatment plan in the US, which was not available to Bahman in his home country, could make a significant quality of life difference for this child.

Dr. Nagib collaborated with a number of leading Twin Cities physicians including  Dr. Anne Bendel (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology), and a list of radiologists, ophthalmologists and pediatric internists on the complex surgery. The result… the entire tumor was removed and found to be benign! Following this happy news, Bahman was able to return home to Iran.