New Hope for Daryoush!

We are ecstatic to report that Daryoush is now cancer-free! And he has a beautiful new prosthetic eye which he’s very proud of – thanks to Tim Barrett (BCO) and Midwest Eye Labs of Woodbury, MN.

Our appreciation and gratitude to all of the talented doctors and caregivers who combine their skills with compassion to bring new hope and opportunities to our children and their families.

Our newest patient, Daryoush, is an energetic 5-year-old with retinoblastoma and an infectious smile. He was diagnosed with cancer of the eye when he was 1 year old, and lost his right eye at the age of 3. He has now developed lesions on his left eye.

His family sold all they had and brought him to the US for treatment. Unfortunately, none of the medical centers they contacted would accept him. Finally, they reached out to FCI. We, in turn, reached out to Dr. Anne Bendell and the Minnesota Children’s Oncology Clinic which has been helping us for decades with our children. They have agreed to see Daryoush and help him.

The tumor may have taken his eye but we are determined that it won’t take his spirit!