Little 3-year-old Davood has returned this month for phase 2 of his bladder exstrophy repair thanks to the incomparable Professor Assem Shukla.  Dr. Shukla, formerly of the University of Minnesota, performed phase one of Davood’s surgery last year and it was a complete success.  All services by all the physicians and surgeons were pro-bono and the University of Minnesota generously waived all charges.  Estimated charges were approximately $480,000+, and were donated in full.  We are indebted to Professor Shukla, Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sundberg, and the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital for their extraordinary work, as well as for their extraordinary donation to FCI.

This year, as a professor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP), Dr. Shukla did not forget the children of Iran.   Davood had his second surgery and is now on his way to full and complete recovery and a normal life.  We could not be more grateful for Dr. Shukla’s skill, his caring heart, and his generosity.  And we also thank the alma mater of our founder, Nazie Eftekhari – the University of Minnesota and its amazing Medical School – for generously standing with the children of Iran every time we have asked these past 22 years.

Most of all, we salute Davood’s brave and smart mother who has protected him and kept him safe these 3 years, despite all the odds.  The mothers of FCI are the bravest women on earth.