Omid, a 6-year-old new patient, who has suffered more than any young child ever should, had 2 failed exstrophy repairs in Iran.  Thanks to Professor Shukla he has just had his bladder exstrophy successfully repaired finally at this late age through FCI, and some kidney stones extracted.  As many of you know, these types of surgeries are done in the US in the first few days of a newborn’s life.  To imagine what this child has endured is to imagine the unimaginable.  Omid is now exposed to the lifelong consequences of not having received timely, competent, surgical intervention and care. He was on our FCI waiting list for a year.  But all is well that ends well and we are thrilled to report that both he is recovering well!

We are grateful for the goodness and generosity of Dr. Shukla and his colleagues, for the recovery of these precious young children, for the perseverance of their brave parents, and the dedication of our selfless volunteers and doctors who have given up all their time this past holiday season to care for our amazing patients.