Cyrus - December 2013Our dear 8-year old Cyrus is back in Minnesota this winter to be treated at Children’s Hospital as a follow up to the cardiac procedure he received last year. Dr. Vezmar, the Esteemed Dr. Overman and Dr. Robert Horvath among other brilliant heart surgeons of Minnesota are monitoring Cyrus’s state of health after he underwent a cardiac catheterization to look for narrowed blood vessels if any. During this procedure they plugged one of the extra blood vessels in Cyrus’s heart to keep the blood pressure and oxygen closer to the lungs; and came to the conclusion that little Cyrus does not need another surgery.

Cyrus is also receiving treatment for the severe liquid build-up in his abdomen – caused by the existing vessel between his heart and liver. His belly is much smaller now and he’s consuming a special diet to prevent the build-up from happening in the future.

Hopefully very soon, Cyrus will return home to go back to school. Thank you to all the friends of FCI, for being so kind and patient with Cyrus!

Shortly after Cyrus was born, tests revealed he had a major heart defect. In layman’s terms, Cyrus had half a heart with dirty blood mingling with clean blood. The family sought help from the best Tehran had to offer but the help Cyrus would need was not available to him in Iran.

When Cyrus and family moved to Malaysia to allow his father to study for his PhD, they were able to seek additional medical treatment. However the Malaysian medical community provided the same answer as the Iranian medical community and the family continued to look for help.

Help did not come until Cyrus’s father learned of the Foundation for the Children of Iran. He talked with FCI RN Jaleh Meshkati, sent medical records which were sent to nationally recognized pediatric heart surgeon Dr. David Overman, and the chain of hope started. It was Dr. Overman who felt surgery was available to Cyrus that would measurably improve the quality of his life.

For two years Cyrus and family sent updated medical records until Dr. Overman determined Cyrus was ready for the surgery. When Cyrus and his mom arrived in the Twin Cities he underwent heart surgery under the competent hands of Dr. Overman. Hours after surgery, Cyrus had warm hands and pink lips, signs of a fully functioning circulatory system pumped by a working heart. After the surgery, Cyrus continued to gain strength. His heart was strong enough to have other procedures that had been put off as too risky, and our little warrior has returned home.