Ali is a six-year-old boy who suffered from a congenital heart condition which required diagnosis and  treatment that was not available to him in Iran.  Without proper care, the quality of Ali’s life was diminished and the chances of living a long life were greatly reduced.

After months of preparation and anticipation, Ali and his mother arrived in Minnesota.  Drs. Overman and Gremmels of the Children’s Heart Clinic in  Minneapolis performed open-heart surgery only four days after they first stepped foot in the United States.  It was a complex five-hour procedure from which Ali recovered in record time.

Ali is one of more than 11 patients cared for by nationally recognized pediatric  cardiac surgeon and humanitarian extraordinaire Dr. David Overman and Children’s Heart Clinic. We, and our children, are blessed to have this outstanding surgeon and his incomparable colleagues part of our chain of hope.

Ali was discharged from the hospital just four days after his life-saving surgery.  We are pleased to report that our sweet young man has been fully treated and joyfully reunited with his family in Iran. Ali’s last words on the eve of his departure – which can be viewed on video below – were “Well done! You were all successful,” or in his native language, Farsi, “Barikala – shoma hameh movafagh shodid!”– referring to his life-altering surgery.

Ali joon – it was our pleasure and honor to be part of your life for a few short weeks.

View Ali’s Thank You Letters

Letter to ALL Who Form the Chain of Hope.pdf

A letter of thanks from Ali’s father to ALL who form the chain of hope which brought his son here & delivered back safely…healed.

Letter to Sooki.pdf

A letter of thanks to FCI volunteer, Ms. Sooki Jalali who opens up her home to our sweet children with love.

Letter to Voice of America.pdf

A wonderful letter from Ali’s father to our friends at Voice of America – who carried our voice all the way to Iran & saved Ali’s life.  We will forever be grateful to you.


Videos of Ali


Ali First Report on Successful Surgery from FCI on Vimeo.

Ali Farewell from FCI on Vimeo.

Ali “Outtakes” from FCI on Vimeo.