Afsaneh is a 13-year-old girl who was diagnosed with what appeared to be a benign spinal tumor.  Unfortunately, when she arrived in the U.S. for treatment, it was determined that her tumor had grown beyond what was operable within the margin of safety.   Further, the pathology of the tumor was no longer clear.  After many reviews and consultations between physicians and surgeons at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics and the University of Minnesota, it was determined that her condition may have been exacerbated by radiation treatment.

Since we were not sure if we could help this wonderful young lady, we were able to arrange a visit to Walt Disney World, making her wish of seeing Santa Claus come true before returning her to her home in Iran.  This was a visit she enjoyed very much.  It was wonderful to see her face shining with joy as she returned from Florida and described seeing Santa Claus.

It was also encouraging to see she had already started to respond to the new treatment protocols started by the oncologists in the US, headed by long time FCI friend Dr. Anne Bendel.

She will continue to take the prescribed medications, which FCI provided, and have physical therapy.  We are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach.  If, at a later date, our neurosurgeons, in consultation with Dr. Bendel, determine they can safely operate on her…she will return to the US.  We continue to be hopeful Afsaneh may be healed.