A letter from Nader:

Dear Friends of The Foundation for the Children of Iran,

This year I got very sick. When they did the tests, they found a tumor in my brain stem that they could not operate on in Tehran. My parents did not have the money to send me to Europe or United States, even though they work really, really hard.

Somehow, we found out about The Foundation for the Children of Iran in Minnesota. We called them, and right away they made arrangements for my father and I to travel to the United States. As soon as I arrived in Minnesota they put me in intensive care at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis because my heartbeat was not right. I was pretty scared. I think my Dad was scared too. But I had really great doctors.

One of them was Dr. Nagib, who is a neurosurgeon, and the other one was Dr. O’Leary, who is an oncologist. A lot of people who help The Foundation for the Children of Iran in Minnesota came to visit me while I was in the hospital. Anyway, after all the tests the doctors decided that the tumor was so bad they could not operate on it. So I went through 12 weeks of radiation therapy. Right now, thank God, I feel a lot better. After the radiation was over, I had to wait for a few weeks before they could do the final tests. One of the friends of The Foundation for the Children of Iran sent me to the Disney World. I had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures with Mickey Mouse and all the other characters. I am now back in Iran. The doctors and my family are hopeful that the tumor will not come back. I pray all the time that the tumor doesn’t come back. And when I pray I say a special thank you for people like you because I can’t even imagine what would have happened to me if The Foundation for the Children of Iran didn’t exist.


Note: It is with deep sadness that we report that this precious boy passed away on July 25, 2000. He will live in our hearts forever. Our prayers are with his family.