This 16-year-old boy is possibly the most tragic case we have seen so far. He was afflicted with a condition called Transverse Myelitis some six years ago. It was clearly not treated adequately or aggressively enough. As a result he is paralyzed. He has severe scoliosis of the spine and is virtually bent with his chest protruding out in a very abnormal manner. His lungs have been compromised. He has severe spasms in his legs and painful involuntary movements throughout his body. His bladder, which has been subjected to frequent infections, is completely abnormal. As a result, one of his kidneys has been compromised & the other is in danger. As a consequence of all of his various ailments, he has been unable to pursue an education in Iran for the last two years.

While we cannot alter the outcome of the Transverse Myelitis, FCI’s intention is to treat him for the scoliosis, the bladder problems, the osteoporosis and the frequent spasms.

At that point, we believe that we will have improved the quality of his life significantly and to a point where he can resume his education.