We are pleased to tell you about Babek, the first beneficiary of The Foundation for the Children of Iran (FCI).

When treated, Babek was a five-year-old boy from Iran who suffered from a heart condition since birth. His lower right ventricle (one of the heart’s two pumping chambers) was enlarged due to a narrowed valve.

Babek’s heart muscles were forced to work too hard, causing the ventricle to be enlarged. As a result, Babek had lower energy than other kids and was short of breath at a lower threshold of exertion than normal. If left untreated, the right ventricle likely would have lost considerable function and resulted in congestive heart failure.

No medical facilities or expertise were available to treat Babek’s condition in Iran. Through the efforts of The Foundation for the Children of Iran, he was able to undergo the medical procedure necessary to correct this problem. He was brought to the Children’s Heart Clinic in Minneapolis for evaluation and was then admitted to Minneapolis Children’s Medical Center where he underwent a pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty. During this procedure, his defective valve was inflated with a balloon to relieve the obstruction.

Babek is now doing very well and returned home to Iran. On behalf of Babek and his family, we extend our deepest appreciation for your contribution to our humanitarian cause. With the continued support of people like you, FCI has been able to help many other children like Babek.