Farima arrived in Minneapolis with her back and spine severely deformed and suffering from scoliosis. Her gait was unsteady and her back was humped.

Dr. John Lonstein operated on Farima at Fairview Riverside Medical Center. The 10-hour surgery involved anterior and posterior spinal fusion, during which her spine was first manipulated from the front to encourage greater flexibility and then manipulated from the back to reposition and straighten her spine. A series of rods and hooks were used to hold the spine in its new position. Finally, pieces of her ribs were removed to flatten the hump on her back. The surgery was successful, and five days after her operation, she was walking.

She now is back in Iran, where she looks and walks like a normal person.

Farima contacted FCI and described her progress and said that her mother had told her that every day for the rest of her life she must say a prayer for the people who helped her.

On behalf of FCI, please accept our heartfelt thanks for providing Farima the happiness every young girl deserves.