Enayat was diagnosed in Iran with a severe form of scoliosis with Marfan syndrome and needed life-saving surgery. Doctors and medical facilities in Iran were not able to perform the surgery Enayat needed. His mother lacked the financial ability to save the life of her only son and reached out to family abroad for help.

FCI first heard about Enayat when his uncle contacted us from California. FCI was happy to help Enayat by matching any donations made through FCI, dollar for dollar, to a maximum of $40,000. This would enable the Stanford Medical Center to issue the necessary paperwork for the consulate so that Enayat could come to America for surgery. This was the first time FCI accepted a case where the patient was treated outside of Minnesota.

We remained closely in touch with his family throughout their anxious days of fundraising, arranging a visa for Enayat and his mother, and of course Enayat’s surgery at Stanford Medical Center. We are delighted to report that thanks to his surgery, Enayat is out of danger. With proper care, he should now enjoy a normal life.