Government Officials

Special Thanks

The Foundation’s work reaffirms the belief that while governments may quarrel, people are tied together by a common bond of humanity that is enduring and reflective of the nobility in each of us.

Thanks to Senator Amy Klobuchar (pictured with Bahman and Cyrus) and Congressman Keith Ellison (pictured with with Bahman and Cyrus), two elected State of Minnesota political leaders, for all their support especially with the emergencymedical visa process. It is through the actions of these leaders and other US regulatory agencies that also support the Foundation that allows the Foundation to bring the sickest and neediest to the United States for life-saving and life-changing medical intervention.

To learn more about the great contributions from Senator Klobuchar go to To send your thank you to Senator Klobuchar for her tireless representation, click on the tab “Contact Amy” located on the Senator’s web page.

To learn more of the great contributions from Congressman Ellison go to Tosend your thank you to Congressman Ellison for his tireless representation, click on the “Contact” tab located on Congress Ellison’s home page.