Founded in 1991 in the United States by a small group of Iranian immigrants, The Foundation for the Children of Iran was created with the mission to provide health care servies to Iranian children or children of Iranian origin regardless of race, color, creed, religious or political affiliation.

To date, we have reviewed tons of cases referred to us for consideration and a significant number of those cases have received medical services through the work of FCI.  For over two decades, we have made profound improvements in the quality of children’s lives as well as dramatically extended their life expectancy. To learn about the children we have been able to help, visit the Children page.

FCI has been able to distinguish itself by securing health care services at greatly reduced prices or on a strictly pro bono basis. Additionally, FCI has managed to keep its administrative expenses to a bare minimum through the donated services of The Araz Group.

We acknowledge the inherent difficulties and enormous and often unpredictable expense associated with patient care in the United States. To that end, the provision of medical care is solely focused in the State of Minnesota.

Our work reaffirms the belief that while governments may quarrel, people are tied together by a common bond of humanity that is enduring and reflective of the nobility in each one of us.